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Toy: Devon UR3 Vibrating Pussy & Anus
Reviewer: firestarter83
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
  Devon PussyDevon's Pussy at The Toy Chest

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Iíve owned a few of sex toys before this one but Devonís Pussy And Anus is still the best by far. Iíve owned a fleshlight, blowup doll, cyberskin pussy sleeve and Devinn Lane's double pleasure, but none are as good as Devon. I bought this toy in 03 and it still performs like it did the first day. The toy does tear inside a little bit to help accommodate you, but I can tell you after having this for over 3 years and using it almost every day that it is very durable. I feel that the vibrator these come with are useless, I tried it a couple times but it didnít do much for me.
As for how the toy feels, lets just say if you want to test your stamina try to go five minutes with this thing, you will feel like having an orgasm right when you enter. The pussy is very detailed and you can even feel the g-spot when youíre inside, it mimics real sex very well. The anus is actually a lot tighter than the pussy but still feels really good, havenít had anal sex with a girl so its hard to say how this compares to the real thing.

When using either the pussy or ass use lots of lube on your dick and in the hole your going to use or you wonít be able to get in. If you plan on using a condom only use it for the anus, condoms seem to break every time I use the vagina. If you arenít using a condom have some tissues or something at the back drain hole so you donít spend time cleaning your sheets afterward. After youíre done rise and clean out the inside of the toy and let it dry out before you put it away for another session. Overall this is the best toy Iíve ever purchased and is the one I am most satisfied with, it has lasted longer than I thought possible, Devon is a very good investment.

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