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Toy: Bam Huge Realistic Cock
Reviewer: bob
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor WomenPornstar
Overall rating:
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This is one awesome toy. My wife and I have been using huge dildos for years and we bought Bam so we would have something a little smaller and more naturally shaped for hard thrusting action. Her favorite toy for maximum stretching is over 10 inches around, so handling Bam was not an issue. What surprised me is how hard this toy makes her cum. Within seconds she starts moaning and in minutes she's screaming in ecstacy. The orgasms just come in waves until she begs me to take out Bam and finnish her off with a hot load. And it's a real visual turn on to watch her take this massive black tool from behind. Once she gets going, all I have to do is hold it in place and watch her ride. I'm getting hard just thinking about it........And guys, don't worry about the size. The vagina is a muscular organ, and like any muscle, it gets stronger the more you work it. She still gets off on my average white dick every time, but especially when she's already on fire from giving Bam a work out. After over 20 years of marriage, I can honestly say that our sex life has never been better, and Bam just made it better still.

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