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Toy: Pussyman's Pussy Pump
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:PumpsFor Women
Overall rating:
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The pastel-pretty box proclaims, "Watch your pussy swell up with pleasure."

Inside the box is a clear plastic form-fitting cup, with a black hose leading to a medical-style suction bulb. The cup is placed with the curved end on the pubic bone and the pointy end toward the back. Squeezing the bulb will result in sucking the labia area up into the cup. Near the bulb is a quick-release button to relieve the pressure. The apparatus smells a bit like rubber, and is solidly constructed, with NO light-weight disposable feel to it. The cup is a hard plastic, which clinks when tapped, but it has a bit of flexibility so it shouldn't be brittle or breakable. There is a soft, flexible clear rubbery seal around the edge of the cup.

My pussy pump also came with a few bonus items. Generous 2" tubes of lube and sex toy cleaner were in the box, as well as a full length five-sceen dvd about pretty pussies. Scene 4 with Taylor St. Claire and Billy Glide was low-budget, exceedingly porn-y, and enjoyable. I was expecting scenes with the use of a pussy pump, but that's not what these are. A lost opportunity, perhaps.

So how does the pussy pump perform?

The suction is as intense as you want it to be -- squeeze a little, in rhythmic baby puffs, or squeeze hard and fast. The area sucks right up into the cup, blood flowing into the area immediately. The feeling is novel -- somewhat like having your clit sucked or your labia sucked, except the whole large area gets sucked up at once, and gets nice and pink. The cup felt better to me moved a bit farther back, rather than forward, so experiment around with the placement. I originally tried this for just two minutes, and found that the area was still aroused and buzzing twenty minutes later, demanding attention.

Compared to a vibrator, the feeling is quite different, very nice for variety, and terrific at bringing in blood flow and lubrication and a good buzz. It's as much fun for partner play as for solo play, so turn the bulb over to a friend and let your friend torment you for a while.

The cup will conform to anything fleshy enough, and can be fun for tits as well.

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