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Toy: Sexy Lil' Slut
Reviewer: HeyNow
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor Men
Overall rating:
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Yes, it’s the Sexy Lil' Slut from Pipedream Products. This is a “rubbery” silicon masturbation sleeve in the image of a naked girl. It might be a little creepy if you think too much about it. It looks like a tiny crouching lady with big tits but missing her head. So, in effect you are sticking your cock down a gaping throat hole. The hole runs from her neck to her pussy, so it’s probably better it stick it in the puss hole, but since the size of this is around 4½ inches tall (and less than 2 inches wide at the waist), your cock head will be popping out the top of the girl/sleeve. I suppose this was better than putting some kind of head on this, since then it would be a little to close to fucking a children’s Barbie doll. Like I said, don’t try to think about this part of it – it gets creepy!

So, how is it? The thing is super stretchy, which is good. When you first look at it, it’s pretty small, and the hole is the size of a pencil. You have to stretch it out, nearly pull it inside out to get it on. I nearly came right there! This is my first experience with something like this – oh, I’ve probably tried something homemade over the years, with no notable success – but this is the first time I’ve used something that was manufactured for the sole purpose of putting on your cock. I think that is how you have to think of this, you stretch it over your cock rather than putting your cock in it. I might end up using this every once in a while. I wonder how many guys use something like this on a regular basis. I wouldn’t imagine it would hold up to use week after week. But it goes for just 10 bucks so surely after a few uses you might just toss it out? Or maybe a few dozen uses. It seems like it might be a little messy – especially if you are used to a dry jerk off, with this you need some lube of some sort which might get a little messy handling the DVD remote.

In the end, it’s a nice change when you get the urge to leave your hand behind. It would be nice if this came with a little sample packet of lube, or some limited instructions or guidelines, even if just playfully written. I’m giving it a 3½ star rating – this surely serves a purpose, but if you want something closer to vagina action, you’ll have to get a plastic pussy or ass.

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