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Toy: Hot Shot
Reviewer: Recoil Therapy
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Hot Shot Tongue VibratorBuy the Hot Shot at Erotic Elements

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Wow. This was the first time I've ever felt something made of UR3, it is so lifelike that it is kind of creepy. We both agreed that it should be held for a bit to warm it up to body temperature before using. That however is about the only drawback to this toy.

Initial thoughts: A very solid well built unit. The toy is supposed to simulate a tongue in looks & feel. There is the tongue itself, the control box, & a vibrating egg that is inserted into the tongue & plugged into the control box. The control box feels really solid, the batteries (3AA required) rattled a little bit but not too badly. The wire from the vibrating egg actually plugs into the control box (rather than being wired directly to it). The wire itself is quite impressive. It is a double wire about 3 feet long roughly the gauge of stereo speaker wire (compared to other's single wire of a smaller diameter). The whole unit is a bit expensive but it is obvious that you are paying for quality.

The only other drawback that we noticed isn't major but it does have some potential long term problems. The egg gets inserted into the tongue so that it sits flush with the bottom. Because there is no handle you have to hold onto the bottom of the tongue & the wire. It seems like the potential would be there for accelerated wear/breaking of the wire where it enters the egg with the movement. A short handle molded with the tongue or the tongue an inch longer with the hole deeper would do much to reduce this.

In action the Hot Shot works & feels very good. There are 5 different functions (vibrate, pulsate, surge, escalate, roller coaster), with 10 different power levels on those that you can adjust. Shifting between the power levels is quite smooth with no wide differences between them. With a little bit of lubrication the tongue slides around quite easily. With no/very little vibration it feels quite natural (with the aforementioned preheating). At higher speeds the natural feeling goes away (or at least nothing like any tongue I've ever experienced) but is still quite enjoyable. About the only way to improve it would be to somehow have it move in addition to buzzing.

Overall we were very impressed with the quality of the device & the way that it worked. According to the package there are two other similar products (blue & violet) with slightly different shapes. Judging by this one, I'm sure that they are of similar quality. With many things in life you get what you pay for and that is the case here. Doc Johnson made a very solid, well built toy. 4.6 of 5 stars.

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