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Toy: Fleshlight
Reviewer: Jayo
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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One of the best sex toys I've seen. It's simple but very cleverly made. It's made of soft, stretchy material--softer than the vinyl and plastic of older toys, and it stretches nicely to accommodate a penis without being too tight.

The stretchy part is just a tube, really, with a hole that runs lengthwise. It's fitted into a hard plastic case with a screw-on cap on each end. The front cap is removed for business. You can take the other cap off so there's no suction and it's easy to stroke in and out of. You can insert a slim vibrator in it, or pour lube in it. You can also put the end cap back on and get full or partial suction, if you find you enjoy that.

The stretchy insert also comes out of the hard plastic case, so you can do it either way. Leave it in the case and you can tape it to a bedpost. Or jam it (in or out of the case) between mattresses or sofa cusions. Or hold it in your hand as you sit back and enjoy. It's amazing how versatile this toy can be.

The hard plastic case is molded to resemble a large flashlight, hence its name. The case won't fool anyone close up, but if you put in the back of a closet or cupboard, especially if you paint a few details, and it probably won't attract attention. Most sex toys look like sex toys and nothing else, so the Fleshlight gets an B for hideability.

I only have to problems with it. Once is that it can get cold, and I have to spend some time to warm it up first on cool days, which takes any spontinaety away.

I have an early version which has a smooth interior and it doesn't hold lube well at all, since you tend to plunge it away. Newer versions have internal ribs that help hold the lube.

Great toy. Average street price is around $60, which makes it fairly reasonably price as far as sex toys go.

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