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Toy: Pussyman Ultra Realistic Vagina & Anus
Reviewer: bushs dick
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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Hi all! Never thought I would buy a fake vagina, definitely not writing a review for one! but my steady girl left me, i didnt want the hassle (or danger!) of hooking up with undesirable women in bars, or paying for hookers - this site helped me out, and i thought I would throw up my opinion on the device i bought (and one that wasnt reviewed here).

So I bought the Pussyman Ultra-realistic pussy from for $104, shipping included, free gift of 3 small lube packs. Reasons I chose this: it looked nice, it was made from UR material, it was relatively cheap at $100 (i really wanted Juli Ashtons P&A, but couldnt justify dropping that kind of cash).

So after a week, it got here, and here are my thoughts as I opened the package:

1. Wow this actually looks like a pussy - i cant believe i ordered this :) construction seems ok

2. im glad my ex-girls pussy didnt smell like this!

3. nice accesories - powder, bottle of lube, a multi-speed vibe (But a cheap one) some cheap pussy jewelry (if anyone can tell me how this is supposed to enhance my feeling, ill go fish it out of the gartbage!)

So basically, it looks good, smelled bad (though i had expected this). So how does it feel? Well, heres the bad news.

It actually does feel sorta nice. I wouldnt say like it actually feels like pussy or ass, but it does feel good. but the anal and vaginal cavity are one hole with two entrances - not good. the vibe is cheap, i guess it feels ok, but vibrating pussy isnt something i really like. the holes are nice and tight, and entrance does feel quite excellent. the shape is ok...not great but for $100, i wasnt expecting to be able to hold asscheeks as i fucked (woulda been nice though!)

my major problems are the two holes/one cavity thing, and the overall feeling of UR3 - which is supposed to be good - if the $200 toys feel like this, im glad i didnt spend the cash. I believe its an above average toy, feels better than my hand, but not spectacular. i feel this would be great toy for about $60, but not $100. i rated it *** and 1/2 which i figure is above average but not super.

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