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Toy: Venus 2000
Reviewer: AverageJoe
Categories:Penis SleevesFor MenVibrating
Overall rating:
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Well, I had a long review written for the Venus 2000. I must have deleted it because I thought there wasn't anyplace for me to put it. ;-)

To summarize, I didn't find the machine worth the money.

Pros: It is well made, to be sure. It will not break.

The slow speed feels *very* much like a nice blowjob. It's the one aspect of the machine I miss. It is sweet when it's slow. It's almost silent at slow speeds.

The fast speeds almost force you to come - it's very fast, and very intense. Doesn't always work, but it's really nice when it does. It feels like men wish a vibrator would feel like - a great overall sensation.

The remote controls are good, and reasonably easy to use.

It doesn't get tired, stop, or slow down (unless you want it to). As one reviewer said, it keeps going after you're done, which can be intensely pleasureable. It can get you off, and hard.

It'll work if you can't get it up. Not my problem, but for people with ED problems this could be a great item.

Cons: I think there are practically no videos of this thing operating because it's difficult to use. The "receiver" (the tube that holds you) doesn't stay put, as I thought it would. I thought there was some internal part that moved up and down.

Instead, the entire thing moves up and down. Since the receiver has significant weight, this means it tends to flop around on you. Since there is an air hose attached to the side, it also tends to pull towards that side. This restricts how it can be used. (Personally, I only found one comfortable position.)

The medium speeds felt (to me) like a machine. It tended to to pull slightly uncomfortably no matter how much lube I used.

The liner material isn't nearly as nice as a Fleshlight or cyberskin toy. It's rougher. The tighness can only be adjusted a little, since the machine requires suction in order to operate.

It takes practice to use. It will pop off the first several times you use it.

It takes significant time to prepare for use. The little valve in the top of the receiver can clog and requires frequent attention until you figure out how much lube to use.

It's noisier at medium and high speeds. Not so other people will notice, but perhaps just noisy enough to intrude on your fantasy. (You'll want a fantasy - unless your fantasy is to be screwed via milking machine, in which case you definitely want this machine.)

It pretty much requires you to start with a full entry. If you try to do a partial entry, it will suck down to a full entry almost immediately. Not so good if you like your penetration a little at a time.

It will likely require additional lube if your session goes more than a few minutes. Testamonials of an hour-long screw are probably exaggerated. The machine doesn't feel THAT good, although I was really hoping it would. You'll probably just get bored.

And it's expensive. Very. The manufacturer has an excellent return policy, but some parts can't be returned, meaning it could be a $250 mistake.

I'm not sorry I tried it - I got off about four times - but I'm not sorry I returned it, either. A Fleshlight is much cheaper, more versatile, must faster to rig up and clean up, and feels better than the Venus - even if it doesn't move on its own.

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