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Toy: Jenna Jameson Booty Doggie Style
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
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Jenna Jameson Booty Doggie Style
Type: Vaginas
Price : I paid about $45
Reason for Purchase : To try something different, lonely
Bang for your buck : ** Ĺ Stars. (Average)
Big O meater : ** Ĺ Stars (Average)
Looks : It looks like a female vagina and Gaping anus. Itís not very aesthetic. If anyone found it, they would know what you were doing. No real way to say anything else. Lest you be studying gynecology and this was your model.
Smells : It smells like plastic.
Feels : At first the outside seems to be semi-malleable plastic. The vagina is basically a gaping tight hole. There are things inside that have the same shape as what would be in a real vagina. Since this is molded off Miss Jenna, I would assume these have Jennaís shape. As for how it feels? Its rough and tuff plastic at first. It took time for it to become malleable.
Noise : It comes with a vibrating egg that fits in a cavity underneath the vagina. So the majority of the vibration is in the clit area and if you CAN penetrate it deep enough it vibrates your nuts very well. Itís not loud if you put it down on the bed. Although the original egg wasnít very good. I had to take apart another one of my toys to replace it, which was a much louder egg.
Dimensions of device : The booty weighs about 3-4lbs. The Vaginal depth is 5.5"; and the anal depth is 4.5"; I couldnít think of a good way to measure the width of the vagina or anus. But I think if you can get it in then anything above 5" girth should fit.
My dimensions : 6.6-7" x 5" Usually a little bit of me would be outside during Vaginal use. And a lot of me outside during the Anal use.

Review : After I had ordered this I thought to myself, ďOh god how low have I sunk too?Ē It came with two high gloss pictures of Jenna Jameson. The package indicated only one Picture was supposed to be included. =) It came with the booty of course, one bottle of Jenna Lube, and One bottle of Jenna Toy Cleaner.

At first thought, simple enough. I stick my penis in the vagina. So I put a little lube on my penis and began to insert it. Ouch! I canít get in. So I get a little rough and try to put it in. Nope canít get in. HmmmmmmmmmÖ lets look at the directions. Hmmm I have to put lube on the toy. So I put some lube on the toy making it nice and slippery. Try #3 Damn Canít get in. Something wrong with me? I used a half bottle of the lube before I was able to enter. So I get in and its painful I get it out of there immediately. After I had pulled out it tore a little. So I washed it and put it away. The vaginal cavity is very spacious but the lips are very stiff and arenít very flexible. Putting it in the vaginal cavity was pain enough. I couldnít imagine how much it would hurt to put it in the anal cavity.

A week latter I tried again this time using skin lotion as my lubricant. It worked a little better I got in without much pain it was good but not to that point where youíd give up your hand. After a few uses with skin lotion then changing over to Baby Oil (much easier to clean up and makes it easier to use) So after time the hard plastic of the toy became softer. But over time and use the product has begun to tear more and more.

So after two months of use I decided to try the Anus. This was extremely tight. I couldnít orgasm from using the anus the first few times it was just too tight and uncomfortable to get to that point. It tore the toy to use the Vagina. Iíve used in the shower a few times. I filled it up with warm water (of course I did have to remove the egg before using it in the shower) The warm water really helped with this toy. One way to improve this toy is if it offered a heating option that it warm up to body temperature. Or even a little above body temperature. Was I satisfied with my purchase? Itís okay. I had purchased a small toy before and decided to go for a bigger and more expensive one. I still prefer the small one.

Will this get you off? Maybe not the first few times. I think the tight vaginal opening will prevent most men from entering the thing unless of course you use a lot of lube.

Would I buy another one? No, I think this is the last time I buy a plastic device. If I do buy another of this variety it will probably be one of those cyberskin, silicone based ones, they look interesting. Unless you absolutely have to have a toy molded off Jennaís body then I would pass this one up. Jenna even admits in the interview with ADTalk that the toy doesnít feel anything like her.


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