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Toy: Kangaroo Vibrator
Reviewer: amy
Manufacturer: Vibratex
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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The kangaroo has got to be the best sex toy I have ever experienced in my life. Unfortunately, I've had to go through 3. The japanese can make a car to last 50 years and 200k miles but can't make a vibrator to save their lives!! It comes in 2 different sizes and of course i have both the 6" & 8". the 6 is pink and the 8 is white in case you get confused. I think the 6 works a lot better. It comes with a handheld controller and has 2 slides for various speeds that requires 3 c batteries. The shaft rotates different speeds as well as the clit stimulator. The kangaroo stimulator comes with an extra long nose for hitting just the right spot. The first time I purchased it i swore off men for 2 years. I had no use for them. I bought one for a married co worker of mine for her birthday and she swears by hers. She couldn't believe the sensation. I suggest when shopping though do it online. It is way cheaper than shopping locally. Lover's lane sells them for over $100 and can't keep them in stock but you can find them online for about $60. I've tried other things and they just sit in the "toybox" under the bed. when in need and shopping, give it a try!! you won't be sorry!!!

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