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Toy: Kitty Spank Her
Reviewer: Domina
Manufacturer: Ruff Doggie
Categories:Bondage GearFor Couples
Overall rating:
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Brought to you by Bleu Review

Manufactured by Passion Online UK

"Pleasure & Pain is Pretty in Pink!"

Wanna Make Your Pussy Purr? How about a good old-fashioned spanking. Bend her bottom right over your knee and spank her fanny until it is as pretty and pink as the spanker.

This beautifully designed Kitty Spanker for training naughty pussies is a wonderfully sensual product from the exquisite leathery aroma, to the powder pink suede that can be used to softly rub over the skin as a warm-up. The kitty-cat shape and design is so sweet and whimsical--purrfect for Catty Mistresses who like to be fierce yet feminine. And don't let that cute kitty fool you. This spanker can land quite an impact, from mild to heavy thuds on the pink suede side, to stingier smacks that are sure to make the palest cheeks take on a rosy glow. The nice thing about this toy is that you can vary the sensations from a hard smack with the leather side to a soft caress with the suede, to keep your bottom guessing and on their toes.

The Kitty Blindfold is a fashion accessory and blindfold all in one. The elastic should be worn high on the back of the head to get a better fit. At first the mask was a little stiff, but, being suede, loosens up and form fits better to the wearer over time. It is also malleable, and can be shaped to the person's face for the best fit. The inside is lined with soft suede and feels sooo sensual. The smell of the leather so close to the nose is an aphrodisiac!

Passion's new Lust-in-Leather series has several more fancy toys designed with beauty and femininity in mind, including the Kitty Crop, Pussy Thong Panties, Rrruff Doggie Collars, as well as various other pink suede accessories.

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