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Toy: Hot Rod 3
Reviewer: Ivory Patton
Manufacturer: Down Under Toys
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor Women
Overall rating:
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From Down Under Toys, an Australian company (clever name, huh?) comes a new innovation in silicone dildo technology—the Hot Rod. There are models I (6.5” length, 1.5” diameter), II (6.5”length, 1.75” diameter), III (7.5” length, 2” diameter), and IV (8.5” length, 2.2” diameter. I am reviewing the Hot Rod III.

Now, what is this exciting innovation? It is called Sensa-feel, and it’s simple: a hard silicone shaft is fused to a softer silicone coating in order to feel more like an actual penis than conventional silicone dildos. Does it feel like cyberskin? No. (Note: I have never used a cyberskin dildo due to their toxicity, but I have touched cyberskin when visiting sex shops.) Does it live up to its claim? Yes, it is nice and firm, but with a very appealing resiliency when you grip it.

It has very nice, realistic detailing with lovely texturing, complete with subtle but appealing ridges, folds, and veins. The dildo comes in two colors: one is a light pink (retailers give this different names: the place I bought mine called it “grapefruit”). The other is a medium brown (or, “cinnamon”). One thing that excited me is that it doesn’t curve—a rare thing to find in a silicone dildo. Another big plus for me is that it maintains its thickness throughout the shaft. Yes!

I decided to test drive it while warm. It felt amazing, and got me off extremely quickly (unless you think four minutes is a long time), which actually disappointed me a little because it felt so great, I wanted to savor it longer!

The manufacturer recommends heating the dildo by microwaving it for two minutes. They assure you that nothing bad will happen to your Hot Rod by doing this. I prefer to heat mine in water, however. It heats up very quickly and nicely with just body heat, too.

Of all the sex toys I’ve ever used (and over the years, I’ve tried many), this is my favorite one to date!

One Word of Warning: I am not sure how suited this is for anal use. Sorry!

Who Will Probably Love This:
1. Someone who’s been hoping for a realistic-looking and -feeling silicone dildo.
2. Anyone who’d love a big silicone dildo, especially one that isn’t curved.

Who Should Probably Skip This:

1. Anyone who is unwilling to pay the extra money for silicone (I would highly suggest saving up—it’s worth it)
2. Anyone who isn’t willing to use non-silicone lubrication.
3. Obviously, anyone not turned on by realistic dildos!

Also, while I don’t engage in harness play, I did read that this is a bit heavy and unwieldy for that, and is too thick to fit into most harnesses.

Note especially for the Hot Rod III:

Need it say it? It’s got lots of girth, so make sure you’re really a size queen before plunking down the money!
Also, If you need something even thicker than 2”, there is the Hot Rod IV. If you need something even thicker than 2.2”, I guess you’ll just have to wait to see if they come out with the Hot Rod V!

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