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Toy: Bam Huge Realistic Cock
Reviewer: Reggie
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor WomenPornstar
Overall rating:
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for a year ago a bought a simular dildo 6 inch around for my wife. She complained alittle about the size (to big and never used it) except with me some times.

Some months later I bought a another realistic dildo 7,6 inch arout. Wife said I was sick and was a little upset after I fucked her with that once, claimed that no women wants something like that. Hence I left it deep in the wordroop. Weeks Later I found out that the dildo was no longer where I placed it and and it showed signs of lube. In the end I found out that wife fucked her 2 times a week with that one. So I then bought and placed mr Bam together with the other without saing anything. Days later I found out that Mr bam had been in wifes pussy to. Later I asked my wife for fun if my short dick was long enough, she replayed that who give a shit in lenght women wants width.

Then I went and picked the bam which she had already been using (she pretended like nothing) and I asked if this is what you want. She said no, you are sick. Anyway, I started fucking her with it, Normally she got her orgasm after 15 minutes but with bam 4 minutes !!!!.

Personally I dont weel the bam dildo is not an all round tool. I had a deep dicussion with wife and according to her the bam is a 5 star one day but she may like a smaller one the nest day and me the third day or me as foreplay. Anyway, we have about 10 dildos and mr BAM is a must have in a dildo collection. BUT as for a man who wnats to intoddruce a dildo to his girlfrend for first time buy something else. (and mr bAM later)

Only lowdown is that the dick is too long and it could actually be 0,5 inch wider (aroudnd)

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