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Toy: Nikki Tyler Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus
Reviewer: XL
Manufacturer: Vivid
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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hm k.. i have bought this item for a pretty high price :-( after trying other "realistic" toys this one seemed nice to me. but i was kinda disappointed after opening the box. its quite hard plastic ;-( no cyberskin or something and i really had troubles to insert my little buddy into it. both holes are very tight (for my thing at least) and it did even hurt me at the beginning. after about 1 minute i did gave up on it and used my good old "Magic Flesh Full Size Rear Entry" masturbator which i can really suggest to anyone! i will throw the nikky tyler thing away.. as it makes no fun at all ;-( maybe my view of it would be different if i hadnt tried any other masturbator before.

the looking is ok, it looks realistic but it does not feel realistic at all. the hairs are cheap like on a puppet like someone else said already.

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