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Toy: Fukuoku 9000 Finger Massager
Reviewer: Domina
Manufacturer: Finger Fitting Products
Categories:VibratorsFor WomenFor Couples
Overall rating:
   Fukuoku 9000 Finger Massager Fukuoku 9000 at The Toy Chest
Fukuoku 9000 at Libida

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"Compact and Discreet!"

This quiet, featherweight is Canadian sexpert Sue Johansson's favorite little clit-vibe and is the most popular fingertip vibe in the world. It is uniquely designed to go "anywhere your finger goes," sliding over your fingertip for hands-on action. With three different textured sleeves that fit over the tip, it offers varying sensations of tingling pleasure. Although designed for the clit, it can also be used on the nipples or as an anal stimulator. For such a miniature toy, it has a very powerful buzz, offering 9,000 pulses per second. However, though quick, these pulses are not incredibly strong.

The Fukuoku vibrates with gentle stimulation and a soft tingling caress. It is therefore recommended for prolonged play to achieve a subtler orgasm that is built-up over time. This vibe would also be great for women who find it uncomfortable or even painful to receive clitoral stimulation, for the Fukuoku is gentle indeed. Not recommended for women who like intense clitoral sensation, however.

The Fukuoku is a good toy for couples. It is small enough for a woman to stimulate herself during intercourse, and is also great when used by her partner during foreplay. Because it is so gentle, it is also a good toy to try on men's genitals as well, stimulating the sensitive glans, the testicles or anus. It comes with its own discreet black carrying pouch which makes you feel like a secret agent, perfect for undercover missions.

The Fukuoku also comes in a the form of a glove with five massaging pads on the fingertips. The glove is waterproof and therefore can be used with massage oils, to give a deep, sensual rub to all those needy parts. Another Fukuoku toy is the Fukuoku Power Pack that features three finger vibes and straps onto your wrist. Very Borgish! A very unique toy indeed.

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