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Toy: Rabbit Pearl
Reviewer: Domina
Manufacturer: Vibratex
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
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The Japanese-made Rabbit Pearl by VibratexTM of "Sex and the City" fame, is one of the best selling dual-action vibrators around and after taking it for a spin, it's not hard to tell why. Dual-action vibes feature two main components in one: a whirling shaft for vaginal penetration and a clit stimulator. The Rabbit's unique design offers triple-stimulation. The rotating shaft is quite flexible and offers a satisfying fullness, much like a real penis. It does what no real penis could ever do however, even on steroids. It is designed to bend and rotate around inside the vagina for exquisite G-spot pleasure, while the plastic pearls at the base roll and undulate at the vagina opening. This is a unique sensation that no other regular type of vibrator can match. Its like having a little contortionist inside of you that will shake, rattle and roll you to climax. Attached to the base is a cute little bunny, whose flickering ears snuggle in around the clitoris to vibrate and tickle it to orgasm. For me, this was the selling feature. These soft, flexible ears are like quivering little tongues that send tremors of intense pleasure all around the clitoris.

Vibratex also makes the Bunny Tickler (shown right), a bunny sleeve that fits over the Pocket Rocket or Water Dancer, which works essentually the same as the clit tickler on the Rabbit Habit. See our review of the Pocket Rocket to find out more.

For centuries, Japanese craftsmen were prohibited from making and marketing sex toys that resembled male genitalia used for sexual purposes. This is why they were designed like whimsical animals, an art form which dates back to the Shogun era, and marketed as toys instead of sex aids.

Japanese manufacturers are known for constructing the highest quality vibrators in the world. Although these vibrators usually cost more than their cheaply built look-a-like cousins, they are made of premium quality materials and have powerful motors, ensuring a longer lasting vibe. The Rabbit Pearl is crafted from translucent vinyl that is supple, flexible and velvety soft in texture. This material is phthalate-free (a chemical softening agent found in most soft rubbery toys that may be harmful to your health), unlike many of the other soft vibes or dildos that may be toxic for your health. The vinyl is easy to clean with a soapy cloth and warm water, or baby wipes work well too and are very convenient.

The toy is cordless with independent sliding controls for the shaft and rabbit vibes, and is easy manipulated to get the desired combination of speed and stimulation. You can start off leisurely to get your juices running, then slowly build up to a feverish pace that is sure to make your twist and shout. The vibrating combo gives a truly unique sensation that can't compare to anything else, all in one sexy package.

The Rabbit Pearl is a friendly woodland creature and will without doubt become the best friend of your favourite household pet, your pussy. I've named mine Super Bunny, the action hero for your genitals, and like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going and going..

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