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Toy: G-Swirl Vibe
Reviewer: Naiad
Manufacturer: Good Vibrations
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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I bought this toy from Good Vibrations on a visit to San Francisco a few months ago. I chose it for what appeared to be a good g-spot curve at the tip and the fact it was waterproof. I also wondered if the ridged base might just possibly work for clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Made of bright blue silicone it's easy to clean and doesn't require use of a condom for insertion (as with porous jelly-rubber toys). The battery compartment can be a little tricky to unsnap and care is needed to make sure it clicks back into place firmly when you close it to maintain watertightness.

The control is a single twist type, infinitely variable from a soft, teasing tickle up to firm vibration of moderately strong intensity. The control is pretty sensitive, it's easy to accidently nudge it up or down but you soon learn to hold it so that this doesn't happen. A word of caution: take the batteries out when you're travelling with it! I learnt this the hard way when it started up by itself in my luggage on a train, leading to a red-faced scramble to turn it off. It's a fairly quiet unit, 4" long, 1 1/2" in diameter and uses two AA batteries which are included.

Although I bought it with g-spot stimulation in mind I found it wasn't ideal. My theory of using the riged base for clitoral stimulation at the same time didn't work at all because then the tip doesn't hit the spot. Because it has a fairly thick base it's difficult to angle it just right to hit the g-crest. When I did get the angle right I found it set up a fairly intense secondary vibration right through my anus which was distracting and annoying. In addition the tip is just a little too soft and flexible for really intense g-crest action while the firmer base makes the transmitted anal vibe far too strong for me. If you like that kind of thing, however, I'd have to say this toy would be just about perfect!

I soon switched the toy to external use and it is a GREAT clitoral vibrator! Using the curved tip to hug my clit and slowly dialing up the vibration made for a heavenly orgasm that crept up on me startlingly quickly. The back of the g-curve can be pressed above the clit for strong slow action that spreads through the pelvic bones or nestle the tip between the labia and the shaft against your clit for a delicious tickle. The shape of this toy and the flexibility of the tip make for a lot of exciting possibilities and the wide ridge around the base mean it would be safe for anal use as well.

After a little experimentation this toy has become one of my top favourites with it's best role as a very versatile clitoral vibe used in combination with a Crystal Wand or Golden Rod glass dildo (see my other reviews) - just make sure you have plenty of towels.... oh my!!

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