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Toy: Jenna's UR3 Vibrating Vagina & Ass
Reviewer: darkcloud
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Jenna Jameson Vibrating Pussy AssBuy Jenna Jameson's Pussy & Ass

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This Vagina & Ass is molded from Jenna Jameson. First of all, the size of this toy is considerably BIGGER than most other Doc Johnson vaginas. This toy is for missionary. It feels awesome, better than ever.

This is my 4th vagina toy. My first was Jenteal and it was a good toy, very high or thick, the 'ass part' or area below the anus hole was plenty. Then I got Devon and Sky for replacement. Devon and Sky were lower or thinner than Jenteal and they just didnt feel as 'meaty' or good as Jenteal. I think ALL these vaginas are not wide enough.... So I looked online trying to see what vaginas are out there. Tiffany Mynx's model interested me because it looked extra wide compare to other models. Lexus's model is cool too because the ass area is very fleshy and high, it looks similar to Jenteal's. Then I went to Spankys(an adult store), I was able to see vagina models in-person from Juli Ashton, Kobe Tai, Jenteal, Dasha, Cassidy, Devon, Sky, Kira, and Jenna Jameson. Kobe Tai's model is vagina only no anus hole, I like this design better, I find the anus hole useless, Doc Johnson should make 2 version(with and without anus) for all vagina models. I thought Jenteal's model was pretty good size when I had it, it was bigger than later models like Dasha, Kira, Devon, and Sky. After I saw Jenna's model I was surprised how big it looked, much bigger than Jenteal! The Box is almost the same size as the expensive ass toys. So I bought it. I was not able to check out model from Tiffany Mynx but its price makes me think that its smaller than it looks online. This toy costs $150, $50 more than all other models, because its bigger and use more material. I think Briana Bank's model is as 'big' as Jenna's from looking at pics from the web.

Jenna's vagina & ass is big and nice. 11 inches wide! Let me repeat, 11 inches wide. ALL other vaginas are 8.5 inches wide. Some model like Janine and Kobe Tai are less than 7.5 inches wide. Jenna's model is much more thicker and fleshy than all previous vagina models. The ass part or the area below the anus hole is very thick and makes the toy sit nice and high. Hey Doc, thanks for making a bigger and wider vagina toy, its about time but I wouldn't mind an even wider bigger version. This toy is too tight imo especially the opening so 0.5 pts off here. Another thing is that all these vaginas are not deep enough.... around 5.5 inches, Jenna's model is 6 inches, so good half inch improvement here. If you have a bigger shaft then I recommend the 'ass' toys, such as Juli Ashton's pussy and ass, its 7 inches deep.

The vibrator is useless.... Doc Johnson should stop putting vibrators with vaginas, this is a male toy not female.

Overall this is the best vagina toy available. Its similar to the other vaginas but bigger, wider, and slightly deeper. The extra size makes a big difference. BUY it!

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