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Toy: Senso Glowing Pussy
Reviewer: ExperimentalGuy
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor Men
Overall rating:
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This was an interesting toy, and my first toy I have brought. I chose this after some glowing (pun intended) reviews on the Blissbox website, and because it looked interesting, and I always wondered if it was any good - this kinda thing. Well my first time with it was not disappointing - it fits my cock quite well, and it was erotic to use, as with the use of lube, the feeling it generates as you slide you cock in was amazing and convincing. It was a snug fit (I am just under six inches, and fairly thick in girth) and found it at first over-sensitive on the head of my penis, proving uncomfortable.

Gradually though I got used to it - it was an intense experience, and it kinda felt almost too much - but enduring the sensation was also a challenge and very sexy. I have ejaculated using it now on four separate occasions, and find that slow strokes - it feels the best when sliding it down the full length of my cock - is the way to go. If like me you can't find time alone, or be somewhere nobody can hear you, it's noise, that of it's squeeky, squelchy sound when being used, could prove a problem.

The orgasm using this device is prolongued, almost painful and a real head rush. It's so powerful that I found I needed a long time after to recover. I recommend orgasming with it on, as the tightness really milks your semen out of you, and you feel like you're never going to stop.

I will be using this regular - if I can handle it and get some more lube!

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