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Toy: Slim Line 9 Inch Ballsy
Reviewer: I Spew On My Face
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Overall rating:
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As a guy, I love to have my ass packed with a nice dildo. I just bought the 'Slimline 9" Ballsy' and I must tell you it's one of my favorite toys.

There are two types, the 7 inch and the 9 inch. I'm reviewing the 9 inch but I'd suspect the 7 inch is the same (except for the size). I paid $17.95 for this wonderful toy.

Pros: Large enough to pleasure deep, curves slightly to hit the prostate. Good heavy weight, doesn't feel cheap or something that will break inside you. The balls block the dildo from going all the way into your ass. The width is very good. On each of the ridges there's a 1-inch raised section that feels GREAT when slowly pulling it from yout butt as you're cumming.

Cons: The shaft has a great feel but it's rather soft. This proves a little difficult for to insert -- at first. But once it's inside it will feel great because it almost has a flesh-like feel to it. The second problem I had with this is that typical sex-toy smell. It smells like plastic or something. So far I've used this toy about 8 times, two or three of those in the shower, and that plastic smell never seems to go away. The smell isn't something that will ruin your enjoyment in the least bit, but you'll know it's there. I found that using flavored lube helps in masking the scent.

If you like anal play, I suggest this toy. I've had several dildos over the years and I think this one is the best. Along with a set of anal beads, I can't imagine myself ever buying another dildo again. If you buy this toy, you MUST BUY lots of lube. The dildo sucks lube up faster than you or I take in air.

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