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Toy: Senso Sapphire Masturbator
Reviewer: Toy Marshall
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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I have tried for many years to find the perfect male masturbation sleeve, pump, or pocket pussy. While I've enjoyed that process trying dozens, I am usually disappointed after the first try - "Yeah," I think, "It got me off, but man was it really worth THAT much money?

When I got the Senso Sapphire in the mail it looked and felt wonderful - and after getting very excited and using it - it was the first toy that made me think "Wow - shouldn't such an amazing invention cost more than I paid?" I got it about two years ago and I still use it regularly to this day - in fact I think it's about time to buy another!

The Senso Sapphire is very soft, jelly-like, blue, and has gentle ringed grooves inside that shouldn't be overwhelming if you're really sensitive but they really cause orgasm fast. It is just long enough to feel deep, but you can also pop your head out the end for kicks, or an easier cleanup during climax. The entrance is basically heart shaped, so if you are offended by or not attracted to big fake body parts this will be perfect.

Even though it will degrade the material, trust me and try it with vasoline or albolene - that will really make this toy feel amazing. Every stroke is so good - and the orgasm will be very strong.

Just like any toy, this won't feel like a "real pussy" or a "real asshole" or a "real mouth" so don't disappoint yourself. But it feels just as good, just different. It's also fun to use with a partner.

You should be able to pick it up for about $30 - shop around. It's worth every penny.

Toy Marshall

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