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Toy: Bam Huge Realistic Cock
Reviewer: Pippa HighHeels
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor WomenPornstar
Overall rating:
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I'm a TV who just adores using toys anally, and the Bam is by far my favourite.

It's a black super-realistic from Doc Johnson and moulded after the porn star of the same name. You'll see different sizes in the ads between 2.5 and 3 inches thick - in reality it's in between the two in thickness and has around 10 inches insertable. Unlike some super-relistics it does not taper from base to tip, but if anything the other way. The bulbous knob is the thickest part; there is a wonderful ridge along the top down the first 4 or 5 inches, then the girth narrows slightly to the base. Like all these dildos, it has a substantial sucker on the base.

This is indeed a mighty cock and not for the beginner. However, like all things, practise makes perfect. You have to work up to a toy of this size with some patience. I've used the Bam around once a week over the last year; it is half an inch thicker than anything else I had tried, so I had to go very easy the first time. You have to be very relaxed, use lots of lube and don't rush things. Once you have the knob-end in, you'll be changed forever; I could only manage a few seconds at first, but a few seconds becomes 15, which becomes a minute.

Nowadays, I will start up a good DVD, and stick the BAM on a wooden dining chair and lube it up well. It will still take me up to 10 minutes to get the knob-end in, but once in I know I'll soon be able to ride it. Eventually, I can ride it deeply (though not all the way yet) in a reverse cowgirl, following the strokes of the porn stars in the DVD I'm watching.

It gives me satisfaction like no other; I'm addicted to the thing and can only urge others to try it.

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