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Toy: Hollywood Erotic Novelties vibrating dildo with suction cup
Reviewer: lindi
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:

I was a bit astounded when this arrived in the mail. The dildo is a translucent orange-brown jello color, with the wiring visible inside, and a corded controller, batteries not included. It has a pleasing penis-shape, but the color reminds me of medical tubing or some kind of unpleasant thing that you find clamped to you when you awaken groggy from surgery. I could almost taste the anesthetic in my mouth, and my first reaction was, "Do I have to test this?"

Okay, so it's not very aesthetic, and I don't know what demographics they are marketing it to - but to be fair, it also came packaged in nothing but a sealed, crinkly plastic bag. I took it out of the wrapper and it was gooey and sticky. I washed it very well, but it still seemed a bit gooey, and I suctioned it to the shower wall to air out - it had a strong, strong plastic odor. After it became intolerable to have the bathroom smelling like plastic for days, I tucked it in a drawer with some other toys, and procrastinated on testing it.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I take it out of the drawer. It is very gooey and damp, having oozed plastic oils onto my drawer, and onto some other toys. Whatever it is, it ate through my cyberskin vibe, and it oozed a rust color permanently into the soft tentacles of a pretty little clear cock ring, leaving the tentacles softened and sticky. It still reeks of a plastic odor, and reminds me of Plastigoop that has not fully cooked.

I have sprinkled baby powder into my wooden drawer to remove the oily plastic residue, and there is no way this vibrating dildo is going to come in contact with my precious parts.

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