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Toy: Jelly Bender
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: Nasstoys
Overall rating:
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Jelly Benders are very slender translucent jelly dildoes that look like something a pornhound would want to see me lick. The purple Long Widget is especially pretty, luminescent and candy-like. I also tried out two red ones - the Long Knob model, and the Long Twister. They all measure about 7" long and barely over an inch in diameter at their widest.

It never occurred to me that I needed a dildo. After all, I had vibrators that were basically dildoes PLUS. Well, these surprised me!

I tried these first over the surface of my panties. They have a nice weight, and the jelly has a grippy surface that 'stuck' to my panties and dragged the labia around. Very, very nice! When I tried to replicate the effect with my hands, my fingers lack weight, so I had to apply more pressure, which irritated the pubic bone. I also had much less fatigue in my hands jiggling the dildo. I could tap, drag, circle, and push, and the weight of it is more penis-like than using my fingers. Excellent!

I really liked these better with my panties on. Without panties, I liked my hands better, as the dildoes were a bit cold, and they stick and pull hairs and skin. For insertion, they really need lube - even though they look slick, the extra-grippy surface pulls too much.

These are very inexpensive, and have a lot of potential!

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