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Toy: Julie Meadows Fire Red Universal Strap-On
Reviewer: RobHammer
Manufacturer: Las Vegas Novelties
Categories:Strap-OnsFor Couples
Overall rating:
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Julie Meadows` Fire Red Universal Strap-On Harness

Reviewed by: RobHammer 10/28/03

First Date of Use: 10/26/03

Las Vegas Novelties
They have a PDF catalog but only sell through distributors.

Adult DVD Empire

Here is a description I found at two web sites: This harness is hand made from a non-leather material with exceptional softness and durability. Adjustable straps allow for all-access to the wearer as well. 6 inch pleasure probe included and a free sample of Astroglide lube.

My own assessment:
The harness is well made and not likely to fall apart anytime soon. The backing material feels spongy and is somewhat elastic. The nylon straps have plastic clasps that allow for easy adjustment. The jelly dong is pinkish and somewhat translucent, firm yet very flexible. It has a distinctive smell that I hope will dissipate after it has been out of the wrapper for a while.

When a friend told me where I could get a free strap-on and dildo just for reviewing them, I brought up the idea with a potential female partner (who wishes to remain anonymous). "You are KINKY," she said with a blush. I let the idea sink in for a few days and broached the subject again. "You just want me to fuck you in the ass." Now where did she get that idea? A few more days go by and I'm getting ready to send an email requesting some movie screeners. I say to her, "I'm going to get that strap-on." I don't hear any reply.

When the package arrives in the mail I go into the bedroom and open it, setting the contents on the bed. There is a red harness with black straps, pink silicone dildo, and sample size tube of Astrolglide lube. The dildo is covered in plastic wrap. She picks it up and wags it in the air, then strokes it in and out of her mouth a few times and gives me a mischievous grin. Everything goes back in the box to sit on the bottom shelf of the night stand.

A few days later we have an early evening love making session. I tease her with my tongue for a while and I know she wants to cum, but I don't let her. I have every intension of having intercourse. A few minutes of the old in-out and I know she's not going to get there without some manual stimulation. I go back down on her, which is what she really wanted in the first place. Instead of the usual fingers I have an idea. I reach under the night stand and open the box with the strap-on and dildo. I remove the plastic wrapper from the dildo and wash it off with some antibacterial hand soap. Kneeling on the bed I compare it to my own erection. I measure at just under six inches. This is slightly smaller, but close enough in girth that it should be a good fit. She is already well lubricated and it slides in easily. I ask her how it feels compared to the real thing and she says it feels heavy. It is heavy, but soft and pliable. Combining the dildo with my tongue has her world rocking for a really intense orgasm.

After she winds down she asks, "Do you want me to strap it on?" I would normally consider a butt plug for prep. She is ready to go now, so who am I to refuse? The harness goes on easily with a strap around the waist and a strap around each thigh. The elastic backing material that holds the dildo rests against the pubic bone, allowing the wearer "full access." The dildo is held in place by a rubber ring, with the balls secured under the top of the leg straps. While thrusting in it is very secure, but during the out stroke the top of the dong is free to pull away from the harness.

I lie back and prop myself up with a pillow. Using an industrial size bottle of Astroglide I lube myself and the dildo. She is in a kneeling mish and grabs my ankles. Without having used a butt plug first it takes some work for me to get the dildo started in. It's a bit uncomfortable to begin with. This is pretty awkward for her and I can tell that this toy requires practice to get good at using it. Since there is no real tactile feedback for the wearer, it is hard to tell if you are doing it right. I use my hand between the base of the dildo and harness to guide it, as I'm not relaxed enough yet to keep it from popping out. This position is starting to hurt her back so she pulls out. As the only prep I had was a soapy finger in the shower, I won't be doing any ass to mouth this time.

I suggest that she lie back so I can straddle her. I'm facing her with my left knee on the bed and squatting on my right foot. Once I get it back in this is so much better. She can rock her hips up and I have control of the thrusting. I'm still not as relaxed as I could be, but this is starting to work it's magic on my prostate. I masturbate with my right hand and make quite a bit of noise. I look down as I orgasm. She squints and has her hand up to keep me from splattering her face. I doubt that I gape much after I dismount. I don't know if she will be up for this again, but there is a huge stuffed bear in the corner that should work quite well.

The bottom line:
This is a quality product that can be found at a reasonable price.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at

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