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Toy: CyberSkin Cyber Sex Buddy
Reviewer: Dick
Manufacturer: TopCo
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenCyberskin
Overall rating:
  Cyberskin Sex BuddyCyberskin Sex Buddy at Five Star

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It is inappropriate to call the CyberSkin Cyber Sex Buddy (CSCSB) just a toy. It is a more than perfect masturbation aid, if only you warm it up and lubricate sufficiently before using it.

Some people complain about it's size. However, it easily deals with any cock till 7 inches. According to recent surveys, only 10% of the male population of this globe have erect penis sizes larger than that!

The CSCSB entry looks like a real pussy. The opening is narrow, and your penis is gripped firmly by it over 1 inch or so. After that point, there is more space. When you slide into this artificial vagina you feel that the narrow entry will help you to maintain a firm erection, and, if you are not circumsized, will pull back the foreskin every time you push forward, thus uncovering the head of the penis. This will ensure optimal stimulation. Actually, it feels as a mix of a fuck and a blowjob...

If you push forward to the root of the penis, you will perceive a pleasant sensation, when your balls are cupped by this nicely molded contraption. Orgasm is reached easily and is intense. Try it!

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