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Toy: Cyberskin Anal Pocket Pal
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Manufacturer: Hustler
Categories:Penis SleevesFor MenCyberskin
Overall rating:
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Cyberskin Anal Pocket Pal

Vagina / Sleeve
Price: around $12-18
Reason for Purchase: I thought I might as well try out a cyberskin model along with my Fleshlight. Why the Anal model? The vagina pocket pal cost about $8 more, so no thanks. Plus I thought it had a different purpose, I was wrong about that.
Bang for your buck: *** (Average)
Big O meater: **** (Above Average)

Note: I think the fleshlight and cyberskin are using a silicone type material. The actual feel of these two are quite different.

Looks: The opening looks like an anus. The rest of the thing has a weird shape. Its thick and the end becomes a smaller cylinder.

Smells: No noticeable odors.

Feels: It has a silky feel like the fleshlight but not quite the same. It does not have that warmth. I did try to heat up the device in warm water and try it that way. It still did not quite do it. It is also probably due to the fact this device comes as is with no capsule. They shape of it probably eludes to using a simple encasing. Which of course I do not have.

Noise: No noises at all from the device.

Dimensions of Device: It weighs in at one pound. Technically speaking the device is 8” long from opening to opening. But considering the way cyberskin stretches almost any man should not have problems fitting into it. The device should handle any girth.

My Dimensions: 6.6-7” length x 4.5-5” girth. Even when I was fully aroused the device stretched with a lot of room to spare.

Hey a Pocket Pal! I will put this on and just walk around with it on right? WRONG!
At first I thought this device is small enough to do that. But I did not realize that once I was inside it would add my girth to its girth so the device becomes very thick. What I thought was you put it on. You put on your underwear and pants and you can walk around being stimulated as you walk or sit at work or anywhere. To my dismay you could do that but after pulling on my trousers I noticed that it made a very large bulge. Someone would think I had become John Holmes all of a sudden and was happy all the time. I tried different positions of the device in my trousers to minimize that BIG bulge effect. No I am not referring to my size alone. I tried just putting it next to my cock when it was limp to see if it would look unnatural as well. It still made that really odd bulge. I do not want to walk around with odd bulges in my pants. So calling this thing a pocket pal is deceptive. I don not think it would even fit into your pocket either!

So I tried it out in the conventional ways. Since this device does not come with a casing or anything sturdy to hold it, it is all up to you to do the pressure of keeping it on. This device when lubricated was very slippery and if I did not hold it down it would slide itself off. It was not as good as the fleshlight. I tried different lubricants to see if I could get different effects like the other device. It was not to be so. The pocket pals disadvantage is also one of its greatest strengths! How ironic. I found the best way for me to use this was to lube it up get in as far as possible then shake my cock back and forth. The elastic nature of the product stretches at the top of the device and bends at my cock head giving a very unusual sensation.
Does it feel like anal sex? No it does not.
Feel like a blowjob? No it does not feel that way either.

Would I buy another One?
No. Cyberskin is not bad mind you. But this pocket pal variety just wasn’t what I was expecting. Even when I heated it up it did not feel as good as the fleshlight. It is easier to use in the shower and easier to hide. If it did not always slide off when I put it on It would be a great penis warmer for these cold winter months.

Improvements: I think if they wanted this to be truly a pocket pal they could make the walls a bit slimmer and provide a way to strap it on so you can be stimulated anywhere. Of course they would probably have to invent a cum catching system in case you became too happy at your job.

I have only had this for about two weeks now. I have used this thing about as many times as my fleshlight. Yet it is already starting to show signs of wear. The outside skin is starting to peel a bit. I am following its directions by applying baby powder after each use.


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