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Toy: Cyberskin Mini Vixen Vagina
Reviewer: Brian
Manufacturer: Spice
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenCyberskin
Overall rating:
  Cyberskin PussyCyberskin Mini Vixen Pussy at Gamelink

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I'll start off by saying, I highly recommend this toy to very guy. Its inexpensive, very realistic, and holds-up well. I had this one for about 2 months now and waited to review it because I had other toys that fell apart over time.

Now for some reviewing. I'll start with the smell... it doesn't really have a strong odor like other toy vaginas. It feels extremely soft and is more realistic than any other one I've ever had. The lips look just like a real vagina and they feel pretty darn close. The inside sleeve is perfectly ribbed and the entry point is just tight enough. I recommend using a thin lubricant because you can feel the ribbed inside more than if you were to use a thick heavy lubricant.

After a month or two of use it has held up pretty well. The only complaint I have about it is that it started to slightly come apart in the inside. Like little peices come off of the ribbing. Its only alittle bit and has pretty much stopped doing it. The opening did rip but only to accommodate me. It did not keep ripping like other toys are known to do.

Over all this toy vagina is awsome. Besides it flaking apart alittle bit on the inside, its perfect. And the best part is I got it online for only $25 *cough* ebay. This is by far the best, bang-for-your-buck, lol literally, vagina you can buy. I recommond trying any of the Spice brand Cyberskin Vaginas and I hope to be reviewing one of the more expensive ones shortly. I also just wanna note that other brand products that are Cyberskin are not the kind of Cyberskin as the Spice ones.

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