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Toy: Impulse Ultra 7 (tm) Penis
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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This is a corded 7 speed vibrating silver egg with a controller. It runs on 4 AA batteries, not included. It's about 1" in diameter.

The Ultra 7 Penis is so powerful that it at first seemed remedial. When inserted into the vagina, the vibrations can be felt in the anus, and above the first setting the vibrations can be felt in the entire abdomen and the ribs. When held in your hand, it can be applied lightly, skimming it over the labia and clit, but your hand will vibrate like a jackhammer.

There are an impressive number of settings - number 1 is mild, number 2 is noisy, number 3 sounds harsh, number 4 is an intriguing and quite pleasant escalating pulse, number 5 sounds like a red alert, and numbers six and 7 are overkill.

I frankly don't need anything that jiggles all my internal organs, but for those who like a very powerful buzz, this will definitely do the trick.

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