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Toy: Jacklyn Lick's Pulsator
Reviewer: lindi
Categories:Cock RingsVibratingFor Couples
Overall rating:
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This is a purple cockring with a vibrating nubby clit stimulator. It is touch-activated, so there's nothing to turn on and off. It runs on a replaceable watch battery (included). There are no wires or big battery packs to get in the way. It also comes with a sample of Astroglide.

The material it's made from is very sturdy, but not very stretchy or flexible. In order to get the stiff, tight ring on, you're going to need a minute and some lube. Don't use too much lube -- you don't want it to slip around once you have the clit stimulator facing the right way.

In mish with my legs down, the clit stimulator part was gouging into me a little bit. With my legs up, we had better contact and no digging in. With my legs on his shoulder, it was an excellent buzz.

After a few moments we had to remove it because the tight ring started to dig into him. All cock rings have to be removed after a reasonably brief time, but the soft jelly ones don't dig in like this one does.

We meant to try this in cowgirl so I could report on that, but we haven't gotten around to it. So you might also want to see lunacy's review of the Julie Meadows Pulsator (same thing, but pink).

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