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Toy: Butt Buddy
Reviewer: joeblow69
Manufacturer: Erostar Erotic Novelties
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Gay Men
Overall rating:
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The Butt Buddy was my first sex toy, and I have to say, I was pretty darn excited to try it out ( I even took off a 1/2 day of work to go to the post office and pick it up!)

I was a little shocked when I got it out of the box. At a bit over 4 inches, it's much smaller than it looked in the picture. It's got a weird gummy bear feel to it, which is actually much softer and wigglier than I had imagined. A nice torso is carved into the front of the Butt Buddy, and a thin hollow tube runs down the inside of it. The hollow tube runs dangerously close to one side of the Butt Buddy, though, and I wonder if the whole thing might rupture if you play with it a little too roughly.

The Butt Buddy came with a little sample of lube, but I had problems opening it (the little twist off thing didn't work) so I just used my own. The sensation of sliding the Butt Buddy over my cock certainly was nice, but it was difficult for me to cum while using it. I was able to finally finish the job, but it was a lot of work.

I think the main problem, at least for me, was the necessity of using lube. I've always had problems jerking off using lube... I much prefer the dry approach. So I'd definately take that into account when considering a purchase.

Cleanup was a breeze. Just run it under some warm water, and let it air dry.

To summarize, yes, the Butt Buddy does feel good. But it looks like it won't be replacing my right hand anytime soon.

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