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Toy: Liberator Shapes Wedge/Ramp Combo
Reviewer: lindi
Categories:FurnitureFor Couples
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My ass is up, my head is down, my weight is forward, and my legs feel almost pinned in place. I'm completely supported and secure, completely exposed, and rather helpless. This is fabulous for ass play and for being eaten out. But wait, there's more...

This 'toy' is a set of two sex pillows -- a larger ramp, and a smaller wedge.

I originally purchased the wedge for raising my hips in missionary, whereas the appeal of the ramp was to use it as support in doggie (yum-yum). But a wide variety of positions are possible with these.

The materials used in these are top-notch. These are very firm, solid foam pillows, with a cushiony soft velvety cover and a good-quality zipper so that the cover can be removed for machine washing (the velvet allows various pillows to be stacked, and the fabric 'interlocks,' without slipping). They also come with a zippered outer cover with a carrying strap, AND an inner zippered cover which is waterproof. These are well-sewn, durable, and tightly tailored; no shoddy work here!

When they first arrived, we threw them on the bed and tried them out for height, fully clothed. There's a booklet of positions, and these versatile pillows are well designed for the alignment of his-and-hers erogenous zones.

We've now had them for several months. It's hard to explain why I like them so much, so I'll just elaborate a bit on the ramp in doggie position. As I mentioned before, my legs feel almost pinned in place; movement is rather restricted as they are pressed against the pillow. I'm completely supported and secure, completely exposed, and rather helpless since most of my weight is inclined forward and downhill. It has a bondage-y feel (which can easily be augmented with soft cuffs). And I'm so nicely supported while he goes down on me from behind that my mind is free to float in bliss. And that's before the fucking starts.

One unanticipated benefit of the ramp is that with every thrust, the front of my pubic bone is pressed against the pillow, giving a lot of 'equal and opposite reaction' up front where it really counts. And in perfect rhythm! I can also straddle the corner if I want to put a bit more pillow between my legs. Or I can add the wedge at the low end of the ramp to raise my shoulders and head, making my upper body fairly level, but with a nice shape to allow for the presence of breasts.

I don't want to ramble on with details of every possible position.

Y'all might want to try this out.

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