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Toy: Sky's UR3 Vibrating Vagina And Anus
Reviewer: mywifemademegetit
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
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I want to preface this review with the knowledge that I've never owned an artificial vagina before. My wife wanted to watch me screw someone else, but has some jelousy issues. I'm hoping this leads to bigger and better things.

I came to this website searching for answers to some questions I had about the products, and was motivated into purchasing this particular product on darkcloud's recomendations. (my wife and I thank you darkcloud :)

I'm not a huge man, but I am about 7 3/4"-8" in length. One of my most pressing questions I needed answered was how deep these types of products were. My wife is rather shallow, and I wanted to make this a different and "special" experiance for me too. Let me tell you, if you are like me you will not be dissatisfied with Sky.

1st of all lemme say this thing is pure artwork. It's very lifelike and well I guess it should be since it's an actual mold and all. The feel of the material is soft and firm at the same time!! The material is very stout and seems to be able to take a pounding.

Anyway I just wanted to put in my positive $.02 in for this product.

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