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Toy: Devon UR3 Vibrating Pussy & Anus
Reviewer: Gecko
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
  Devon PussyDevon's Pussy at The Toy Chest

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Seems to have been made around the same time as Skys`s UR3 Vibrating Vagina And Anus and with the same quality. It does however have its pros and cons.

-UR3 all the way through, with decent thickness of material between vagina and anus. Neither have even remotely torn even months after purchase.

-Easy to clean up. Unlike the demo pics there are no dyes or colorings on it to fade. Vagina and anus meet internally and follow to an exit on the back. 2 minutes of handwashing in the shower and it's clean. Talc or baby powder after that if you'd like.

-You will definately notice a difference between the vagina and the anus. Oddly enough the vagina is the tighter of the two but is very durable. The anus has about two, maybe two and half inches of evenly distributed material that hugs nicely, seems better suited to short strokes.

-The bullet is very powerful and made with quality in mind. Has 5 different "paces" and an adjustable scale of strengths. The toy is great with or without it though, seems more like a novelty, or something to use once in a while just for the fun of it.

-The sample lube is thin, oily, and useless. Doesn't seem as slippery as it should be, and it's pain to clean off of everything. Definately buy some separate lube, something like Elbow Grease.

-Straight from the factory, the vagina was very tight and small, took some coaxing to get it to increase in diameter just a tad (that's all you need) but some lube and a little five finger stretching seemed to help.

-Highly suggest you use a condom, especially if you're not circumsized, because even with high volumes of lube you may experience some rawness and uncomfortable pulling. The condom elimates that rough friction and makes clean up that much easier.

Observations and Conclusion

I think the entire toy is meant to be positioned using pillows or similar items to get it into a suitable position. On its own it's too low to the ground to get a good pace going. With the amounts of lube applied it's best used on top of a towel too. Overall though, seems like a suitable, if temporary :), replacement for the real thing. Great to have around if you just want to grab a quickie or like a golfer or other enthusiast, practice your stroke (HAHA). Very impressed with UR3, must give this toy a 4 as there's room for a little improvement, but is significantly less of a nightmare than others.


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