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Toy: Water Missile Teardrop Probe & Water Missile Pinpoint Massager
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor WomenWaterproof
Overall rating:
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When these arrived in the mail, my first thought was, "Goody, goody, goody!" Each is a waterproof vibrator about five and a half inches long, sleek, elegant and attractive. They require two AAA batteries, not included.

Before I really road-tested them, I wanted to see if they were truly waterproof. So in the afterglow of a satisfying sexual encounter, I filled the bathtub and crawled in with them. They seemed powerful for the small battery size, but with a soft, pleasant vibration at the lowest setting. Vibrators can easily get me a little numb, and this one can be adjusted perfectly. The sound was muted underwater, but out of water ranges from electric razor noise to a high pitched model-airplane noise as you turn it up.

A few days later, I got another chance to play with them, this time out of water, and I liked the way they they were weighted and the way they fit my hand. I tried them over my panties, and they can be rolled between the fingers from side to side across the labia really well. My favorite was the bullet shape of the Teardrop Probe. It's not only sophisticated, but the weight and feel are just great. Like most vibrators, it wasn't that interesting inserted.

I have tried a few vibrators, but this inexpensive one impressed me with its appearance and feel - I can't think of any way to improve on the Teardrop Probe, so I'm giving it 5 out of 5.

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