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Toy: Deep Sea Pearl Vibe
Reviewer: lindi
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Deep Sea Pearl VibeDeep Sea Pearl Vibe at Gamelink

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This is one of those rabbit-type vibrators. Its 7" rotating shaft is on a hand-held base, with a seashell-shaped clit stimulator and a starfish shaped anal tickler. There are adjustable pulse-vibe speeds, and adjustable motion patterns. 4AA batteries are required, not included. It's a very good vibrator, and it's priced right. The shaft does full rotation, reverse rotation, and reversing half-rotations, all at various speeds.

Insertion was easy, the shaft has a nice diameter for me, and is relatively smooth. I found that I had to tilt the shaft angle to get contact of the clit stimulator to my clit - the distance from the stimulator to shaft wasn't quite right for me. Also, the 'seashell' clit stimulator has a sharp, pointy end that resulted in a bit of numbness or sensitivity for me after a few minutes of use. The starfish anal tickler would be impossible for me to position anywhere near my anus, since I had to tilt the whole shaft in the other direction to get the clit stimulator near my clit.

The rotating motions had me going pretty well, and I found that by resting my hand on my pubic mound and crooking a finger around the 'seashell,' I could pull the flexible tip of the seashell ot that the clit vibrations just where I wanted them, plus the vibrations traveled through my hand to the pubic mound for a nice effect.

I enjoyed this vibrator.

As a side note, it says on the box, "Product warrantee inside," but it's not. It is printed in tiny lettering on a reflective silver box flap. Should your $30 toy ever fail, simply mail it with $33 plus postage and it will be repaired or replaced.

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