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Toy: Penthouse Black Label Vibrating Cyberskin Radical Cock
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: Penthouse
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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This vibrator is packaged in a very attractive black box, with a life-sized photo of this 11.5" monster cock. The picture shows a lovely, fleshy, softly-veined dildo, its tender shading becoming more golden brown at the end, with a soft, natural pink head. Yummy. The actual product is a more uniform color, without pronounced veins or a pink tip. It feels wonderfully velvety, but a bit sticky, and comes with a bottle of powder to keep the cyberskin 'fresh' and non-sticky, as well as a bottle of silicone lube. Four AA batteries are required, but not included.

It's quite noisy when turned up all the way. The vibrator is at the base end, so vibrations are muted at the tip end.

Now, what in the world can I do with this huge thing? I don't have a horse to test it on. I might have to roll up my sleeves and go after it myself. My husband reminds me that babies come out of vaginas, so I ought to be able to get a big vibrator in there. But, never having had any babies or other large objects come out of mine, and I'm not anxious to test his hypothesis.

I lube up and manage eventually to ease the head in with a minimum of discomfort. It's nice, and it's very flexible, so the rest of the shaft can wrap up toward the clit, to good effect. I use it like a joystick, anchored in my pussy, and I rotate my hips. Or I can nest it in there, resting on my labia, and twist it to pull the labia. Also nice, and the cyberskin has taken on a body-warmth at the contact-end.

However, the vibrations are all over the whole area, so I can't surprise myself with little forays here and there. It's also a bit numbing, not being able to float it from area to area. Basically, it's too big to insert, and too big to give pinpoint control. So it's not my favorite.

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