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Toy: Swiss Love Ball
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:FurnitureFor Couples
Overall rating:
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From the folks that brought you secret numbered bank accounts, precision timepieces, war neutrality, and instant cocoa with tiny marshmallows already in it, we have the Swiss Love Ball - a 36" inflatable ball upon which to enjoy various sexual positions. This baby took 10 minutes to inflate using an electric pump, has a rosy peach color, and has to be squeezed a little to get it through a doorway.

First off, it's a little scary to contemplate being on this and suddenly rolling head-first onto the ceramic tile floor, so we decided to try this out on the living room rug, supported a bit in the corner between two sofas that form an 'L' in there. The living room is a bit chilly in winter, but we felt that we owed it to our public to strip nekkid and bounce on the rubber ball.

The ball was indeed cold, so I left my shirt on, but the ball warms up fast. First we tried a little mish, with my head supported on the sofa behind me, rather than dangling off the edge of the ball upside down. Once in that position, it was hard to scoot down closer to the edge of the ball for better access. We also decided it would have been a little better if I had a pillow to put under my head, but I used my arm there.

Mish was workable. My husband had to squat a little; this is definitely for short people or for the physically fit. Pretty soon we were bouncing along, experimenting with different angles and rocking motions. We were in a laughing mood even before we got onto the ball, so this had us cracking up.

RCG was also doable, but who wants to do that?

We decided to try doggy, so we fumbled to roll the ball tight into the corner between the sofas, we bumbled to find a position, and we dissolved in helpless laughter as the ball wanted to roll sideways anyhow. We basically laughed our asses off and just generally screwed up until my husband was about 70% hard and we retreated to the bedroom for remedial action.

Now, I have to confess that I find the ball awfully appealing as a non-sexual toy, and as it just sits in the living room, I have found myself flinging myself over it to roll around, to read magazines, to hang on it upside down with my head lower than my body, and to repeatedly ram myself into the sofa as if I am playing bumper cars. I also have to confess that after numerous hours of this misuse, the ball sprung a pinhole size leak along one seam, and it now sits sadly half-deflated at the edge of the rug.

I like this love ball enough to get a vinyl repair kit, and I recommend it if you have a lot of disposable income. It truly is a 'toy' rather than an orgasm aid, but we found it fun, in a 'naked twister game' sort of way. It won't be the number one toy on your wish list, but it might be the number twelve toy.

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