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Toy: Rachel's Play Pak
Reviewer: lindi
Categories:Bondage GearFor Couples
Overall rating:
  Rachel's Play PakRachel's Play Pak at The Toy Chest

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Rachel's Play Pak is soft bondage gear, consisting of one pair of black velcro wrist cuffs, one pair of thigh cuffs, and a pair of straps. The pieces connect to each other with side-release buckles (the type of black plastic buckles that you find on backpacks). The set sells for $35 to $40.

Ohhhh, these are extremely nice! Unlike handcuffs or rope, they are comfortable. Unlike handcuffs, scarves, or ropes, these release instantly. Click! You're secure. Very secure. And the sharp black cuffs and straps look great. I am at his mercy. Or he is at my mercy.

Another wonderful thing about them is their versatility. I can connect my wrists to each other in front or in back, connect to the straps, or connect wrists to thighs, or... wait a minute... I want more cuffs and more straps! A trip into town to find some extra straps and buckles turns up some great black strap at the surplus store, but the side release buckles they have aren't compatible with these. Same problem at the hardware store, the fabric store, and the craft stores. A letter to the company at the address on the box is returned undeliverable. What to do?

I bought a whole bunch of the best 1" s-r buckles that I found (easiest to release), plus a bunch of straps in 1" width. I removed the buckles from the wrist and thigh cuffs and replaced them with my compatible buckles. Then I put buckles on some of the straps (no sewing, just singe the cut ends with a match and put on the buckles).

[I also picked up some non-sticky black velcro for sewing, and some 2" strap, as well as a near-new black foam pad knee brace at the thrift store. Using the wrist cuffs as a pattern, I made ankle cuffs from the 2" strap, some 1" strap, some velcro and foam pad, and a buckle. I hate sewing, but I was pleased with my results].

Okay, now I have straps that run under my mattress, for wrist, ankle or thigh cuffs, I have a strap that can run behind my neck and to both ankles to hold my ankles in the air (cost under $5 - store price about $30 - no sewing involved, 5 minutes to make) as well as an airline pillow in a little velvet sleeve that I can slip over the strap to fit behind my neck, plus miscellaneous straps, belt, leash, collar...

Now, my bed straps are set up so that my cuffs go on with the 'forks on the left' wrist or ankle (the fork part of the buckle). Forks on the right for the thighs (I can strap my wrists to my thighs that way). If I want ankles strapped to wrists, kneeling, I need to reverse one set of cuffs to forks on the right. Got some real versatility here!

Okay. Even if you just want to spend big bucks and buy all their gear, go for it! It's good stuff.

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