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Toy: Lube List
Reviewer: dumblonde
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This list is by no means complete, but I wanted to post some of the more popular lubricants to get started. While not a review by me per se, I have checked several sources on the products mentioned to compile this list, and actually learned a lot. Each lube has different properties, and depending on how and with whom you have sex, might or might not be the best choice for you. Products with similar properties, I've put together, and also separated the flavored ones.

So, if your toys seem to be self-destructing, if your condoms come out with more holes than Sonny Corleone in the Godfather, if you've got a yeast infection that could brew beer, or you've been plagued with those much-dreaded ass zits - read on, you might find out why.

* the prices listed are just an average, but should give you something to go by.

Liquid Silk 50 ml: $5.50 Medium bodied, water based, good for you-name-it, including anal
PROS: Liquid Silk seems to be the allover favorite, earning high praise wherever I checked. Glycerin free and latex friendly, it stays slick a long time without getting sticky. Reasonably priced, it's also tasteless & odorless.
CONS: None that I could find.

Elbow Grease$8.95 9.5oz, Maximus50ml $5.50, Probe 8.5oz $6.95, Slippery Stuff8oz $8.95 Thicker, water based - better for anal
PROS: Glycerin free and latex friendly, slowly absorbed by the skin without getting sticky, Clear, non-staining.
CONS: Unpleasant taste

Wet Platinum, $13.95 8oz Eros -$9.95 30mi. Thickest - Silicone Based- Best for anal
PROS: Longest lasting, won't dry out or get sticky. A little goes a long way. Great for those double features, marathon sessions & anal. Latex friendly.
CONS: Must wash off w/soap & water, NOT compatible with toys also made with silicone, as it will bind together & dissolve the toy. Don't you hate it when that happens? Also voids any warrantee.

KY Jelly $3.95 4oz. Water based
PROS: Economical, readily available. Latex & silicone friendly. Tasteless & odorless. Great for quickies.
CONS: O.K., we all use it, and while fine in most cases, KY Jelly was developed by the medical community for a one time insertion. So, unless your partner is quicker than Doc Johnson with a speculum, you'll probably find the need to re-lube. I can see why this is not endorsed by the porn industry! Dries quickly, gets tacky, and doesn't hold up for long thru sexual friction. On second thought, considering the dryness of some genitals in videos, maybe they are using KY!

Astroglide 2.5 oz. $8.95 Light/Slick - Glycerin based
PROS: Latex & silicone friendly. Tasteless & odorless
CONS: Dries somewhat quickly, gets tacky. Glycerin based , which can promote yeast infections. EXPENSIVE - Why? Because people have been getting fucked with Astroglide for years & seem to like it.
*footnote: KY Liquid has now come out, calling for a 3-way. Priced just as high, if not higher than Astroglide, I couldn't find much info, yet, but will update.

ID, Probe Silky Light ID $7.95 8oz. Light/Slick - Glycerin based
PROS: Latex & silicone friendly. Tasteless & odorless. Non-staining & long lasting. More economical than Astroglide, but what isn't?
CONS: Dries somewhat quickly, gets tacky. Glycerin based , which can promote yeast infections.

Seka's Anal Eze $3.95 1/2oz
PROS: Numbs your bunghole
CONS: Numbs your bunghole, and probably best describes person who talked you into this. Seriously though, you can damage such a sensitive area without realizing it at the time. If you've got to numb it, you shouldn't be doing it. Not recommended.

Vaseline, Baby Oil, Crisco, Salad Oil, etc oil & petroleum based. Will eat thru latex condoms & toys, messy, smelly, can stain fabric Can cause 'raging' yeast infections 'vaginal acne' and 'ass zits' (not a medical term) Need I go on? While these are inexpensive & readily available, should always be avoided by females. For solo strokers - hey, it's your ass, but don't expect us to look at it and like it!

Motor oil, Dish Detergent, Shampoo, Liquid Plumber Just Say No.

This should go without saying, but desperate people have been known to do desperate things


Dick Tasty $4.95 2oz. Water based, non-staining, flavored gel lube Advertized as "turning your dick into a lollipop" that your partner will find irresistable. Nice try, but if she didn't want to suck it before, she probably will not want to suck it now. Besides, it's not the taste of the dick that some girls object to, is it?

Pussy Licker $4.95 2oz See above, in reverse

Kama Sutra Oil of Love Price: $8.95 6 oz. glycerin-based , latex friendly lotion with a delicate scent, delicious taste, and a tingling warmth to the skin. This product is not actually an oil, but a lotion Flavors:, rasberry, cappucino, vanilla, cherry

Sex Rocks Price: $3.95 12 lozenges If you like the idea of cool and minty, but don't want the tongue or dick-numbing of the pleasure balm, consider popping one of these strongly flavored menthol drops in your mouth and licking your way across someone's anatomy. Raises the goosebumps, among other things, on some bodies, and adds variety to your play.

Lickable Warming Gel Price: $7.00 4 oz A glycerin based lotion that gets warm when blown or rubbed. Customer tested, customer approved. flavors. peach brandy, pina colada, cinnamon, chocolate

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